How to help someone rebuild a system after a simultaneous nasty virus infection and hard drive problem.

This is the story of an ultimately successful, albeit roundabout way of restoring a laptop to its former glory. It involved a badly infected laptop, an unrelated but inconveniently timed hard drive failure (minor but with enough bad sectors to prevent recovery of backup files), and unnecessarily convoluted scripting to get recovery files from a remote location. But it worked, and that is the satisfying part.

Picnic in the plane with Capo, Annie and the Bean!

My brother and sister-in-law dropped by the airport this afternoon where I had a brief stopover -- it was so great to meet my nephew for the first time! What a cutie.

Replacing Vista with Windows XP

A friend of mine recently encountered an error upon launching iTunes from his newly purchased Vista machine. The error said something about "My Music folder contains an invalid character" and would then display another fatal error then fail to launch. This problem persisted through all of the troubleshooting steps Apple advises for removing and reinstalling iTunes here. After hearing many other Vista tales of woe, I finally recommended that he just upgrade to Windows XP.


That didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. As you can see it has been months since I last posted. Like so many others, I had high hopes for my blog, carefully chose a theme, wrote a decent first article with pictures and everything, then went back to life as usual. Not that there is anything wrong with life as usual, I actually quite enjoy it. But this place I thought would become such a great outlet for my tremendous pent up creative energies hasn't exactly lived up to its potential.

Telluride, Colorado

Bear Creek Trail

Yesterday my work brought me to Telluride, Colorado, where I'll have the good fortune of staying another night. If you haven't had the chance to see this corner of God's green earth, then by all means start making plans soon. I have traveled to many corners of this hemisphere, and this area is by far one of the most breathtaking places I've seen.


Welcome to Hackfly, my little corner of the net. I'm a tech enthusiast, love to travel, and plan to share some of my projects, thoughts, and travel experiences here.

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